Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950

Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950

                                    Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950
| 46 min
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This feature-length docu-drama brings us back to 1950 in a smalltown Ontario bank, the scene of an armed hold-up by Herbert McAuliffe. By nightfall, two men are dead. The robber flees, and for three days the community of Norfolk County lives in fear. Gritty re-enactments and first-hand accounts show the manhunt and eventual trial, shedding new light on McAuliffe's personality--his tragic childhood and respected WWII record. The result is a thought-provoking contribution to the debate on capital punishment.

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  • director
    Robert Fortier
  • producer
    Mark Zannis
    Robert Fortier
  • executive producer
    Don Haig
  • cinematography
    Allan Piil
  • sound
    Greg Chapman
  • editing
    Robert Fortier
  • sound editing
    Wojtek Klis
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • animation
    Pierre Landry
  • music
    Eric Lemoyne
  • cast
    Ken McAuliffe
    Ed Minchin

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