Medicine Under the Influence

This feature documentary tackles a taboo subject: the tragic effects of life-sustaining medical treatment on infants. Through the courageous testimony of a handful of doctors and therapists as well as the shocking stories told by devoted parents of disabled children, this film denounces the lack of support offered to science's little "miracles." Once saved, the children are more or less left to their fate by a medical system that does not give them the therapy needed to improve their quality of life and develop to their fullest potential.

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Lina B. Moreco
Lina B. Moreco
Lina B. Moreco
Yves Bisaillon
Pierre Marois
Gaëlle Trébaol
Christian Savard
Sarah Sompayrac
Charlie-Anne Savard
Judith Fillion
Pierre Roy
Caroline Fillion-Roy
Pascale Reny
Vincent Reny
Carole Cadieux
Denise Charest
Douglas Talbot
Annie-Kim Charest-Talbot
Jean-Pierre Ménard
Tommy D. Lévesque
Félix Morin
Jimmy Pelletier
Megan Ravary
Erwan Trébaol-Houle
Johanne Charpentier
Eliza Clark
Karine Couvrette
Suzanne Fortin
Martine Labbé
Arlette Miron
France Rioux
Francine Roy
Johanne Therrien
Natalie Turcotte
Nathalie Villeneuve
Florent Beauregard-Lacroix
Gilles Bibeau
Rosalie Bibeau
Sonia Bouchard
Lucie Brunet
Brian Crisalli
Félix Dion
Mario Dion
Sophie Dionne
Lise Dupont
Alexis Gilbert
Sarah-Jeanne Gilbert
Michel Lacroix
Alexandre Laplante
Claudine Nadeau
Nathalie Robitaille
Cédric Sestier
Sonia Daoust
Marjolaine Dion
Danielle Laudy
Claude Mercier
Hung-Phong Nguyen
Michel Lamother
sound recording
Richard Lavoie
Pierre Bertrand
Danièle Gagné
sound design
Denis Saindon
sound editing
Denis Saindon
sound effects
Lise Wedlock
original music
Michel Comeau
Françoise Lombard
Geoffrey Mitchell
archival research
Claire Bourbonnais
executive producer
Yves Bisaillon


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