The Measure of Your Passage

The Measure of Your Passage

| 29 min
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This short film tells of two rugged journeys: that, autobiographical, of a young woman who learns she is harboring the AIDS virus; and that of the ancient Minoan civilization, wiped out by the greatest cataclysm in history. Today, the world is held hostage by a killer disease that is stealthier than a volcano, but it exacts the same price. Now, as then, some profound questions exist: How does humanity define itself? How do we measure our passage on this planet?

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  • director
    Esther Valiquette
  • script
    Esther Valiquette
  • producer
    Jacques Vallée
    Josée Beaudet
  • cinematography
    Martin Leclerc
  • sound
    Théodore Vassilopoulos
    Yves Gendron
  • editing
    René Roberge
  • sound editing
    Esther Auger
  • animation
    François Aubry
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • narrator
    Lynne Adams
  • music
    Ginette Bellavance
    Daniel Toussaint

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