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The Magnitude of All Things

The Magnitude of All Things

| 1 h 26 min

When Jennifer Abbott lost her sister to cancer, her sorrow opened her up to the profound gravity of climate breakdown. Abbott’s new documentary The Magnitude of All Things draws intimate parallels between the experiences of grief—both personal and planetary. Stories from the frontlines of climate change merge with recollections from the filmmaker’s childhood on Ontario’s Georgian Bay. What do these stories have in common? The answer, surprisingly, is everything. For the people featured, climate change is not happening in the distant future: it is kicking down the front door. Battles waged, lamentations of loss, and raw testimony coalesce into an extraordinary tapestry, woven together with raw emotion and staggering beauty that transform darkness into light, grief into action.

  • inspired by
    Saille Brock Abbott
  • featuring
    Tara Samuel
    Jessa Abbott Balint
    Tahlea Abbott Balint
    Tsitsanu Ushigua Dahua
    Nathan Hunter
    Sammy McNamara
    Dominique Palmer
    Brooklyn Wolfrey
    Community members of the Sápara nation
    Community members of Rigolet, Labrador
    The Extinction Rebellion samba band
    Extinction Rebellion Youth
  • participation
    Sarah Baikie
    David Bowman
    Ashlee Cunsolo
    Jo Dodds
    Clare Farrell
    Marjorie Flowers
    Sally Gillespie
    Patricia Gualinga
    Roger Hallam
    Patricia Hansson
    Jan Harris
    Beth Hill
    Mukutsawa Montahuano
    Belén Páez
    Derrick Pottle
    Kevin Taggart
    Greta Thunberg
    Anote Tong
    Manari Ushigua
    Lethly Varga
    Charlie Veron
  • writer
    Jennifer Abbott
  • director
    Jennifer Abbott
  • editor
    Jennifer Abbott
  • sound design
    Jennifer Abbott
  • letters
    Saille Brock Abbott
  • director of photography
    Vince Arvidson
  • location sound mixer
    Ramsay Bourquin
  • still photographer
    Stasia Garraway
  • field producer
    Stasia Garraway
  • producer
    Andrew Williamson
    Henrik Meyer
    Jennifer Abbott
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • second editor
    Heather Frise
    Hart Snider
  • story editor
    Heather Frise
    Hart Snider
  • narration editor
    Heather Frise
    Peter Levitt
  • assistant director
    Teri Calder
  • first assistant editor
    Liam Sherriff
  • production accountant
    Sarah Tichenor
  • narration
    Jennifer Abbott
    Tara Samuel
  • location liaison
    Teri Calder
    Ashlee Cunsolo
    Sandi Michelin
    Petra Hasenfratz
    Estefania Páez
  • production manager
    Kent Donguines
  • production coordinator
    Robin Macabulos
    Nicolas Ayerbe Barona
    Nathan Conchie
  • unit production manager
    Galen Brown
  • production designer
    Helen Kotsonis
  • assistant camera
    Jacqueline Di Bacco
  • grip
    Alexandra Tse
  • hair artist
    Shawnna Downing
  • makeup
    Shawnna Downing
  • wardrobe
    Meryl Allysa Romo
  • production assistant
    Chiara Asia Carnevale
    Andrew Kim
    Sara Glaoua
    Becka Messa Testa
    Daniela Flores
    David Borish
    Anders Dahl
    Matthew McCabe
  • title sequence
    Kateland Clarke
  • graphic design
    Kateland Clarke
  • additional camera
    Mike Mckinlay
    Mitch Baxter
    Sepehr Samimi
  • director's assistant
    Sepehr Samimi
    Nathalie Lopez
    Alex Harris
  • additional sound recordist
    Peter Robinson
  • post-production supervisor
    Michael Krieg
  • additional assistant editor
    Marina Dodis
    Josh Pratt
  • archival research
    Jessica J. Wise
    Gina Cali
    Lanna Lucas
  • visual researcher
    Michelle Demeyere
  • clearance researcher
    Michelle Demeyere
  • music supervisor
    Natasha Duprey
  • translation
    Eduardo Kohn
    Indio Saravanja
    Xavier Andres Viteri Ramos
    Shamano Ushigua
    Mariano Zimmerman
  • transcription
    Elaine Walkden
  • wardrobe assistance
    Gia Hasenfratz
  • marketing manager
    Sharon Warren
    Kay Rondonneau
  • outreach manager
    Sharon Warren
  • social media manager
    Sharon Warren
  • post services
    Finale Post Productions
  • online editor
    Allan Pinvidic
  • colourist
    Allan Pinvidic
  • project manager
    Teresa Beckley
  • audio post-production
    Postal Audio
  • dialog editor
    Brayden McCluskey
  • additional sound design
    Chris McIntosh
    Aaron Tchir
  • re-recording mixer
    Chris McIntosh
  • ADR
    Matthew Flugger
    Kirk Douglas
  • camera equipment
    Candela Collective
  • sound equipment
    Ramsay Pictures
  • production
    Joanna Rybus
  • business affairs
    Joanna Rybus
  • development coordinator
    Andrea Lo
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • line producer
    Jennifer Roworth
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • studio administrator
    Annie-Ève Dumontier
  • publicist
    Katja De Bock
  • executive director
    Elizabeth Friesen
    Sue Biely
  • national feature film executive - English language market
    Stephanie Azam
  • investment analyst
    Grace Stad
  • outreach director
    Anthony Truong Swan
  • legal advisor
    Doran Chandler
    Nathaniel Lyman
  • financial services
    Edgar Groom
    Solmaz Cuevillas
    Maria Dellipizzi
  • chartered accountant
    Gurpreet Sandhu
    Kartika Saran
  • insurance
    Everest Insurance Company of Canada
    Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc.
  • travel agent
    Kirsty Duffy


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Ages 16 to 18

Mini-Lesson - The Magnitude of All Things

Geography - Environmental Issues
Geography - Human Geography
Geography - Territory: Indigenous
Social Studies - Environmental Challenges

The Magnitude of All Things
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