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This documentary follows 2 women whose meeting pieces together both halves of a story: that of slave and slave owner. When Dr. Ruth Whitehead meets graduate student Carmelita Robertson, who had come to do research at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, the women realize both their ancestors come from South Carolina, and that their names sound shudderingly familiar. Embarking on a journey to Charleston in search of their connection, Ruth and Carmelita encounter a modern South where the Klan is on trial for burning black churches and where they must come to terms with the thunderous cruelty of the past.

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Loyalties, Lesley Ann Patten, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Lesley Ann Patten
  • script
    Lesley Ann Patten
  • producer
    Lesley Ann Patten
    Kent Martin
  • cinematography
    Kent Nason
  • sound
    Jane Porter
  • editing
    Peter Giffen
  • sound editing
    Peter Giffen
  • music
    Steven Naylor
  • participation
    Carmelita Robertson
    Ruth Holmes Whitehead

  • RealTalkies

    Beautifully filmed. Thanks for sharing this poignant and thought provoking film. The film deals with a lot of difficult questions and delicate emotions with dignity and respect. What a great educational resource!

    RealTalkies, 10 Sep 2012