Life and Radiation

Life and Radiation

| 30 min

This short film explores the effects of atomic radiation on living things. It starts off with a discussion on the most familiar form of radiant energy (the sun) and goes on to include a demonstration of radiation. A discussion of the possible genetic alterations follows.

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  • director
    Hugh O'Connor
  • producer
    Hugh O'Connor
  • executive producer
    David Bairstow
  • script
    Joseph Koenig
  • photography
    Albert Louis Coquillon
    Robert Humble
    Eugene Boyko
  • sound
    Leo O'Donnell
  • editing
    Robert Russell
    Lucien Marleau
  • sound editing
    Don Wellington
    Victor Merrill
  • animation
    Gerald Potterton
    Pierre L'Amare
    Kenneth Horn
  • music
    Maurice Blackburn