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The Land

The Land

This film presents a breath-taking view of Canada from coast to coast. Besides showing the varied terrain, from craggy coast to towering glacier, the film illustrates something of the development of the land from its virgin state to today's intense and complex industrial exploitation. Filmed for the most part from a low-flying aircraft, there is evidence of space everywhere: in the caribou streaming across the snowy tundra, in the serried ranges of the Pacific mountains, in the distant horizons of lakes and seas, and in the spacious grain fields of the prairies. Equal to the grandiose natural scenes are the projects of Canadian industry, such as Quebec's great Manicouagan power dam, and the endless ribbon of the Trans-Canada Highway. This view of the land is surprising in its diversity.

  • director
    Rex Tasker
    Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • producer
    John Kemeny
    Robert Baylis
  • camera
    Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
    Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • editing
    Rex Tasker
  • sound editing
    John Knight
  • music
    The Collectors


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Ages 12 to 14

Geography - Natural Resources
Geography - Physical Geography/Geology

After screening this film, the teacher can divide the class into groups based on the regions featured in the film and ask students to explore their topics in greater depth. Some can focus their efforts on the Prairies, others on the Maritimes, others on the Far North, the St. Lawrence River Valley, etc. At the end of the exercise, students can pool their results in an overall presentation.

The Land
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