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New release

I, Barnabé

2020 15 min
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During a night of stormy drunkenness, a man receives a visit from a mysterious bird and is forced to reconsider his life.

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I, Barnabé


I, Barnabé takes a luminous look at a desperate man’s existential crisis. During a night of stormy drunkenness, he receives a visit from a mysterious bird and is forced to reconsider his life.
  • direction
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • script
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • animation
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • design
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • props fabrication
    Valérie Dupras
  • illustrations
    Valérie Dupras
  • set finishing
    Valérie Dupras
  • director of photography
    Stephan Ballard
    Mathieu Bergeron
  • motion control operator
    Stephan Ballard
  • Lighting R&D
    Mathieu Bergeron
  • compositing
    Mélanie O'Bomsawin
    Jean-François Lévesque
    Stephan Ballard
    Brenda Lopez Zepeda
  • script consultant
    Géraldine Charbonneau
    Michèle Tougas
  • editing
    Annie Jean
  • sound design
    Olivier Calvert
  • music score
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • music score assistance
    Samuel Desrosiers
  • set design
    Marie Bloch-Lainé
  • stained glass design
    Marie Bloch-Lainé
  • set construction
    Bertrand Lévesque
  • set construction assistance
    Lorraine Demers
  • puppet maker
    Brenda Baumgarten
  • mechanisms for rooster heads
    Brenda Baumgarten
  • mechanisms & skin for Barnabé heads
    Jim Randall
  • armature fabrication
    Erik Goulet
    Hamish Lambert
  • armature fabrication assistance
    Marie Valade
  • costume fabrication
    Allison Easson
  • additional props
    Dominique Leroux
  • puppet repair
    Valérie Dupras
    André Michaud
    Carla Veldman
  • stop motion animation
    Jean-François Lévesque
    Valérie Dupras
    Patrick Bouchard
  • watercolour animation
    Adrien Calle
    Catherine Manesse
  • watercolour painting
    Valérie Dupras
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • live action shoot
    Stephan Ballard
    Yannick Grandmont
    Jean-François Lévesque
  • 3D modeling, characters
    Jean-François Lévesque
    Valérie Dupras
  • singer
    Marie Magistry
    Bronwyn Thies-Thompson
    Rebecca Bain
    Angèle Trudeau
    Josée Lalonde
    Ghislaine Deschambault
    Kerry Bursey
    Marcel De Hêtre
    Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse
    Normand Richard
    Yves St-Amant
    William Kraushaar
  • recording studio
    Tone Studio
    Studio 270
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • voice
    Marcel Sabourin
  • voice direction
    Manon Arsenault
  • recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • mix
    Isabelle Lussier
  • online editor
    Serge Verreault
  • technical director
    Éloi Champagne
    Éric Pouliot
  • technical specialist - animation
    Yannick Grandmont
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • titles
    Réjean Myette
  • marketing
    Geneviève Bérard
  • administration
    Diane Régimbald
    Karine Desmeules
  • senior production coordinator
    Camila Blos
  • studio coordinator
    Michèle Labelle
    Laetitia Seguin
  • production coordinator
    Mélanie O'Bomsawin
  • delegate producer
    Anne-Marie Bousquet
    Jocelyne Perrier
    Mylène Augustin
  • producer
    Julie Roy

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