Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven

| 16 min

This short symphonic documentary offers a glimpse into the unique religious co-existence found along No. 5 Road in Richmond, British Columbia. Highway to Heaven takes audiences into many of the temples, mosques, and churches that call No. 5 home, revealing unity despite difference across these diverse cultural spaces. In a world struggling with religious violence and intolerance, filmmaker Sandra Ignagni has crafted a gentle portrait of a rare landscape using attentive imagery and an acoustic tapestry of prayer.

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  • bjgbook

    I had the great pleasure a number of years ago to be on a school field trip as an Educational Assistant during which we were graciously received by the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre, the India Cultural Centre and the Thrangu Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Each gave the children an introduction to their customs and an insight to how we are all the same in our differences. It was lovely to revisit #5 in this documentary and recall the good feelings of that trip.

    bjgbook, 11 Jul 2021
  • whoamI

    A very peaceful "trip". This is how we should be living - every day, everywhere.

    whoamI, 8 Jul 2020