The Gossips

The Gossips

| 57 min
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This feature fiction film describes Acadia from a new and humorous angle. In a small village in the Acadian region of Nova Scotia, a couple living out of wedlock and a broad-minded priest scandalize the village gossips. They suspect that a treacherous act is about to be committed. Suspense builds, stoked by the clacking tongues of a trio of suspicious housewives.

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  • director
    Phil Comeau
  • producer
    Paul-Eugène LeBlanc
  • camera
    Laval Fortier
  • sound
    Paul-Émile Gallant
  • editing
    Yves Leduc
  • sound editing
    Gilles Quintal
    Paul Demers
  • music
    Richard Deveau
    Norman LeBlanc
    Vernon Robichaud
    Jean-Louis Béliveau
  • cast
    Ambroise Comeau
    Anne-Marie Comeau
    Glen Comeau
    Marie-Marthe Dugas
    Noëlla LeBlanc
    Marie Robichaud
    François Thibault
    Julien Weaver

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