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The Fox and the Chickadee

The Fox and the Chickadee

| 7 min
The Fox and the Chickadee
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This charming stop-motion animated fable tells the story of a starving fox, who stumbles upon a lone chickadee caught in a farmer’s trap. Despite his hapless predicament, the chickadee turns the tables by proposing a plan that would provide the fox with food for the whole winter, rather than just a snack. He promises the fox a feast, but there’s a catch: he’ll need the chickadee’s help to get it.

  • director
    Evan DeRushie
  • writer
    Evan DeRushie
  • co-writer
    Daniel Warth
    Zazu Myers
  • voice
    Kathy Philson
    Paul Aspland
  • music
    Bram Gielen
  • character design
    Nataly Kim
  • puppets
    Graham Read
  • costumes
    Bonnie Burns
    Karen Valleau
  • props
    Martin Macpherson
  • lighting technician
    Andrew Sneyd
  • lead animation
    Evan DeRushie
  • additional animation
    Mike DeCroock
    Philip Eddolis
  • design
    Zazu Myers
    Kailee Clayton
  • 2D animation
    Jeremy Murphy
  • compositing
    Philip Eddolis
    Evan DeRushie
  • sound
    Mike Rowland
  • additional sound
    Kevin Munro
  • composer
    Bram Gielen
  • cello
    Hunter Coblentz
  • clarinet
    Caitlin Derosenroll
  • violin
    Stefanie Hutka
    Emma Vachon-Tweney



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