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Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

| 7 min

When it comes to conflict, even chameleons won't change! Peace in the rain forest is disrupted when two chameleons literally get stuck in a conflict, with catastrophic results. Relationships are severed, opportunities are lost, innocent bystanders are harmed and violence seems imminent. Luckily for the lizards, a frog observing the fracas turns into exactly what they need - no, not a prince - a mediator.

Dinner for Two tackles conflict in a lively, humorous and provocative way. It shows that amidst the chaos that differences create, there are still paths to reconciliation.

This film is part of the ShowPeace series of lively animated films about conflict resolution. This series has received support from UNICEF and Justice Canada. For teaching guides, a parents' guide and recommended resources visit

Technique: Cel animation

  • director
    Janet Perlman
  • script
    Janet Perlman
  • animation
    Janet Perlman
  • producer
    Barrie McLean
  • camera
    Raymond Dumas
    Lynda Pelley
    Jacques Avoine
  • sound
    Louis Hone
    Robert Langlois
    Judith Gruber-Stitzer
  • music
    Judith Gruber-Stitzer


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Ages 6 to 11

Study Guide - Guide 1

English Language Arts - CanLit
Health/Personal Development - Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
Social Studies - Development/Global Issues

An eloquent look at how conflict between two individuals can escalate and create trouble for others. What dangers lurk for our belligerent protagonists, following their set-to? What are the effects on other animals in the jungle? What similar examples of repercussions do we find in human history?

Dinner for Two
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