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Churchill's Island

Churchill's Island

| 22 min

It presents the strategy of the Battle of Britain, showing with penetrating clarity the relationships between the various forces made up the island's defenses. Here is the Royal Air Force in its epic battle with the Luftwaffe, the Navy in its stubborn fight against the raiders of sea and sky, the coastal defenses, the mechanized cavalry, the merchant seamen and behind them all, Britain's tough, unbending civilian army.

  • director
    Stuart Legg
  • producer
    Stuart Legg
  • editing
    Stuart Legg
  • sound
    Walter Darling
  • narrator
    Lorne Greene
  • music
    Lucio Agostini


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Ages 14 to 16

Geography - Physical Geography/Geology
History - World War II

Comment on Churchill’s plans to defend the UK “from land, sea and air.” Churchill's Island is a 1941 propaganda film chronicling the defence of Great Britain during World War II. If we define a propaganda film as one that is produced to convince the viewer of a certain political point or to influence the opinions or behaviour of people, often by providing deliberately misleading, propagandistic content, is this film propaganda? Discuss fully.

Churchill's Island
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