A Charman Event

Eric Charman is the life of the party, and not only because he's usually the person organizing it. As a lifelong patron of the arts, Charman has raised money for the Victoria Symphony, the Pacific Opera Victoria, and, most significantly The Victoria Conservatory of Music. The life of a bon vivant is not nearly as effortless as it seems. Over the past 40 years, Charman has presided over 400 charity auctions. In this short film created for the 2008 Governor General Awards, director Carl Bessai captures the effervescent Eric Charman doing what he does best - throwing a party.

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Film Credits

Carl Bessai
Carl Bessai
Carl Bessai
Selwyn Jacob
Mark Shearer
sound recordist
Jeff Carter
sound design
Gael MacLean
Barbara Adams
Rick Arora
Marilyn Arsenault
Deidrir Ballard
Peter Burris
Jane Butler McGregor
Desiree Chan
Renae Choo
Patrick Corrigan
Hugh Davidson
Terry Farmer
Jill Gibson
Neville Gibson
Marcus Handman
Sandy Henderson
Rob Hunter
Shirley Hunter
Michael Litwixi
Jessica Lucas
Elka Nowicka
Pamela Owen Flood
Joey Pietraroia
David Shepsieu
Hugh Sinnott
Juliann Sinnott
Bob Sochowski
Bruce St. Pierre
Dianne Taylor
Timothy Vernon
Jim Zoellner

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