Champions of the Wild: Sharks

Champions of the Wild: Sharks

| 25 min

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Long feared as ferocious, the magnificent shark rarely takes a bite out of a human. Indeed, sharks have more to fear from humans than we do from them. With a booming trade in shark cartilage--touted as the latest miracle cure for countless diseases--the world's shark population is being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate.

Underwater photographer Tim Calver was drawn to biologist and leading shark researcher Dr. Sam Gruber's world-famous research lab in the Bahamas, where he is now a free-diving expert (who can hold his breath under water for five full minutes), a specialist in capturing and freeing sharks for study--and a passionate defender of these misunderstood animals.

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Champions of the Wild: Sharks, Jack Silberman, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Jack Silberman
  • producer
    Christian Bruyère
    Ian Herring
    George Johnson
  • executive producer
    Michael Chechik
  • script
    Andrew Gardner
  • narration
    Andrew Gardner
  • camera
    Doug Steele
  • sound
    Ian Herring
  • editing
    Havelock Gradidge
    Brian Hamilton
  • music
    Michael Conway Baker
  • participation
    Tim Calver
    Sam Gruber