Capturing George

Capturing George

George F. Walker's career has spanned almost four decades, but Rolly and Stevie (from Walker's play Criminal Genius) have succeeded in tying the notoriously elusive dramatist down. To a chair. With lots of rope. Director Scott Smith's wicked reversal of theatrical order puts Walker in the centre of one of his own creations. This film was produced for the 2009 Governor General's Performing Arts Award.

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Film Credits

Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Yves J. Ma
James Kidnie
Brendan Fletcher
Michael Hogan
director of photography
Gregory Middleton
Peter Roeck
production designer
Matthew Finlason
set decorator
Graeme Morgan
sound recordist
Jeff Henschel
sound design
Gael MacLean
sound supervision
Gael MacLean
Tracy Lai
re-recording mixer
Greg Stewart
executive producer
Tracey Friesen

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