Capturing Captain Canada (a.k.a. Peter A. Herrndorf)

Capturing Captain Canada (a.k.a. Peter A. Herrndorf)

| 4 min
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In this fusion of fiction and documentary film, a Special Investigator catches a break when Peter A. Herrndorf volunteers to come in for questioning on an ongoing case. The Investigator quickly finds himself in a charming game of cat and mouse however, as he must determine whether this self-professed immigrant kid could really be the nation-building super hero he's been pursuing all these years.

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  • writer
    Tara Johns
  • director
    Tara Johns
  • associate producer
    Jean-Marie Comeau
  • executive producer
    René Chénier
  • cast
    Paul Doucet
    Peter A. Herrndorf
    Rebecca Croll
  • director of photography
    Jean-François Lord
  • artistic director
    Jean-Luc Charron
  • set decorator
    Vanessa Gomes
  • editor
    Jesse Rivière
  • sound design
    Sacha Ratcliffe
  • sound editing
    Sacha Ratcliffe
  • sound recordist
    Marcel Chouinard
    Philippe Lavigne
  • makeup artist
    Audrey Lampron
  • graphics
    Jacques-Bertrand Simard
    Mélanie Bouchard
  • technical director
    Pierre Plouffe
  • animation artwork
    Ilan Comeau
  • mix
    Jean-Paul Vialard
  • re-recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • archival research
    Pamela Grimaud