Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond

Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond

| 55 min

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From stage hypnosis to group and individual therapies and long-term conditioning, Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond explores the power of suggestion and its ability to influence behaviour--sometimes for life. By focusing on such disparate institutions as an Indian ashram, a United States Marines training camp, a monastery, and the Moonie cult, the film reveals the striking similarities in the indoctrination methods each uses to achieve long-term effects. It is a film that serves as a reminder that we are all vulnerable to persuasion, and one that provokes serious consideration of the far-reaching implications of any form of psychological manipulation.

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Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond, Pierre Lasry, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Pierre Lasry
  • producer
    Mark Zannis
    David Wilson
  • executive producer
    Adam Symansky
  • script
    David Wilson
  • editing
    David Wilson
  • photography
    Andreas Poulsson
    Savas Kalogeras
    Douglas Kiefer
    Barry Perles
  • sound
    Joseph Champagne
    Hans Oomes
  • sound editing
    Jackie Newell
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • narrator
    Kelly Ricard