Alphée of the Stars (Short Version)

Alphée has a rare genetic disorder that hampers her development. Yet she continues to defy medical expectations. When her parents intuitively reject the idea of placing her in a specialized classroom, they move their family to Europe for a year. Here, her father – filmmaker Hugo Latulippe – focuses on his fairy-like daughter's learning, in hopes of eventually integrating her into a regular classroom. This film is a moving declaration of love from a father to his daughter. It is also the story of a gamble: stealing away for a year in order to try and change the course of events. An intimate and revealing portrait, Alphée of the Stars puts the spotlight on a most unusual girl. With patience and tenderness, Latulippe – who believes in schools that embrace the diversity of humanity and do not discriminate – challenges our assumptions and reveals an unknown world that may have escaped us in our daily rush.

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Alphée Waridel-Latulippe
Hugo Latulippe
Colin Waridel-Latulippe
Laure Waridel
Hugo Latulippe
Hugo Latulippe
Annie Jean
Hugo Latulippe
Philippe Lavalette
original music
Alain Auger
sound recording
Hugo Latulippe
Alain Auger
sound design
Alain Auger
Luc Raymond
sound editing
Alain Auger
Luc Raymond
Éric De Gheldere
Hugo Latulippe
Colette Loumède
Hugo Latulippe
Raphaëlle Brenuchon
Paris Alves
Marion Beney
Simon Colomb
Charlotte Delley
Anastasia Dervey
Tiffany Egandi
Rayan El Maliki
Noah Fonjallaz
Ryan Gerber
Robin Hassler
Jérémy Hofmann
Maude Jordan
Sarah Platel
Éloïse Poget
Nicole Spycher
Jacqueline Fraefel
Muriel Cherpillod Vernier
Marlise Kämpfer
Zoya Stoyanova Koleva
Ludovic Fleury
Roman Fleury
Manon Duhamel
Jean-Maurice Latulippe
Khalil Ashtiani
Luka Davies
Zélia Deviaene-Jurdant
Hélia Fortin-Caron
Lily Gaudreau
Marika Kuling
Isaë Roy
Catherine Gerbelli
Jean Paul Vialard
foley artist
Simon Meilleur


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