Afghan Chronicles

Afghan Chronicles

| 52 min

This feature documentary looks at democracy, freedom of speech and nation rebuilding in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. With a radio station and 2 magazines - one of them aimed at women - the press agency Killid Media is a real media phenomenon. As it follows the distribution of these popular magazines across Kabul, this film shows the struggles within this changing society and paints a touching picture of a land that is a work in progress, dreaming of a better future.

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  • researcher
    Dominic Morissette
  • writer
    Dominic Morissette
  • director
    Dominic Morissette
  • collaboration
    Catherine Pappas
  • photography
    Catherine Pappas
    Dominic Morissette
  • sound
    Dominic Morissette
  • editing
    Myriam Poirier
  • participation
    Kamal Nassir
    Farooq Wurukzai
    Marzia Monsif
    Hafiza Rahim
    Amena Mayar
    Nargis Hashimi
    Mahbooba Karimi
    Abdul Khafar
    Mastura Maqsudie
    Ghlum Haidar Hairavi
  • translator
    Afzali Frozan
    Wakman Solaimon Khail
  • assistant
    Afzali Frozan
    Wakman Solaimon Khail
  • driver
  • additional sound
    Nurillah Muhibi
  • assistant editor
    Marie-Laurence Ouellet
  • musician
    Abdul Waheed Negzai Logari
    Gul Akha Logari
    Abdul Qadir
    Anaar Gul
  • sound editing
    Martin Allard
    Simon Gervais
  • dialogue editing
    Marie-Ève Livernoche
  • foley
    Jean René Francoeur
  • narration writer
    Dominic Morissette
    Yves Bisaillon
  • collaboration to narration text
    Ariane Émond
    Catherine Pappas
  • narrator
    Christian Allard
  • narration recording
    Patrick Rioux
  • translation
    Arezo Yousufzai
  • translation - collaboration
    Saifollah Fazel
    Ahmand Masood Nazari
    Mohammad Haroon Wafa
    Faiz Ali Mehri
    Aref Ahmadi
    Lizo Muhammad Ibrohim
    Marium Azimi
    Mirwais Nahzat
    Zohal Jahesh
    Wida Jahesh
    Ghulam Chamsi
  • subtitles
    Anrà Médiatexte
  • editing technical support
    Isabelle Painchaud
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • online editing
    Denis Gathelier
  • re-recording
    Luc Léger
  • promotion coordinator
    Ian Oliveri
  • production manager
    Ian Quenneville
  • post-production manager
    Catherine Drolet
    Ian Quenneville
  • marketing officer
    Jenny Thibault
  • marketing officer - assistance
    Solen Labrie Trépanier
  • administrator
    Denise DesLauriers
  • administrative staff
    Hélène Regimbal
    Mirabelle Bélanger
    Lise Lévesque
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • line producer
    Johanne Bergeron
  • producer
    Nathalie Barton
    Yves Bisaillon