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Dušan Vukotić

Born in Bileća in 1927, Dušan Vukotić was an acclaimed European director of animated films, and one of the founding members of Zagreb Film. “He has won over fifty prizes and citations for his sixteen major films… created the national figure of Kićo… and with [fellow filmmakers] Aleksandar Marks, Boris Kolar and Zlatko Bourek, discovered the principles of ‘reduced animation’” (Z Is for Zagreb, 1972, by R. Holloway, p. 19). Vukotić’s Ersatz won the Best Animated Short Oscar in 1961, and he was the executive producer of the NFB and Zagreb Film’s omnibus work Man the Polluter (1972), to which he contributed the shorts History of Pollution (00:03:21–00:09:10) and Seesaw (00:12:17–00:13:09 [co-credited with Milan Blažeković]).