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The Fondation Dynastie's top picks, a catalyst for talent in black communities

The Fondation Dynastie's top picks, a catalyst for talent in black communities

In recognition of Black History Month, The Dynastie Foundation is proud to be guest curator for the NFB and present a selection of our top three favourite films from its Focus on Black Filmmakers channel

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Tracy Paulotte

Tracy Paulotte is Manager of Programs and Outreach at the Fondation Dynastie. Her experience in project management and her passion for television production have led her to take part in projects and initiatives aimed at encouraging the professional development of people from Black communities in the media, arts and culture sectors. Guided by a desire to forge links between institutions and our communities, Tracy remains committed to contributing to the cultural landscape, one well-crafted project at a time.

  • Older Stronger Wiser
    1989|27 min

    I was absolutely inspired by Claire Prieto’s Older, Stronger, Wiser. It’s an incredibly enlightening documentary that tells the untold stories of five Black women whose dedication to uplifting their communities in farming, activism, education or faith left a profound mark on those they encountered. Each woman is a testament to the power of sisterhood, determination and community. Their stories remind me that each of us can actively contribute to enriching the vibrant legacy and history of Black Canadians. - By Tracy Paulotte

  • Black, Bold and Beautiful
    1999|42 min

    Black, Bold and Beautiful truly resonated with me, especially growing up with my mom as a professional hairstylist. This documentary deeply explores how hair defines us as Black women—it’s more than just a style; it’s a mood, an accessory, a political statement and a way to connect with our spirituality. Nadine Valcin beautifully unveils the layers of our Black bold beauty, showcasing the multifaceted nature of our identities. Watching this film felt like a personal journey, highlighting the significance of hair in our lives and the power it holds in shaping our sense of self. - By Tracy Paulotte

  • Stateless
    2020|1 h 35 min

    As a Haitian myself, Stateless by Michèle Stephenson deeply resonated with me and emphasized the significance of amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. The documentary sheds light on the ongoing persecution endured by Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the country. It delves into intricate themes such as identity, nationalism, colourism, governmental accountability and socioeconomic disparities. It’s definitely a must-watch if you believe in universal dignity for all. - By Tracy Paulotte