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Top Picks from Michael P. Farkas

Top Picks from Michael P. Farkas

In recognition of Black History Month, Michael P. Farkas is proud to be guest curator for the NFB and present a selection of our top three favourite films from its Focus on Black Filmmakers channel.

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Michael P. Farkas

MICHAEL P. FARKAS is PRESIDENT of the Round Table on Black History Month/ Director of Youth in Motion et Coordinator of Club Energie Arts program for children.

Michael P. Farkas is very passionate about Black history. He spends most of his time working with his community in order to come up with ideas and start projects to help make the world a better place.

I just released a 3rd album with the project Heart Hand Soul. This one is entitled “Solar Lady”

Right to freedom, Human rights for the Living
Right to achieving without being pushed in hatred
Black night, Red land, yellow moon and white shrine
Please become the gift that matters that crystallizes our mind
Right come, right go, I ‘m talking about the ones that grow and grow
Right come; right go in the name of Social Joe
Right come, Right go please don’t deny the natural flow Extract: Right come, Right go!

  • Stateless
    2020|1 h 35 min

    An accurate exploration of the issues facing people of Haitian descent with no legal status—a real problem, on every continent. Nicely filmed, Stateless leaves viewers wanting to know more about what happens to the people in the film. - By Michael P. Farkas

  • Black Mother Black Daughter
    Black Mother Black Daughter

    My kind of doc. As someone from the Maritimes, this film speaks to me in so many ways. - By Michael P. Farkas

  • Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community
    Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community

    A beautiful film on the Toronto district of Jane and Finch, which has had to deal with so many issues, including tensions with authorities. A good movie to gauge how far we have come versus what we still need to do to address the stigmatization of Black Canadians, especially in inner-city neighborhoods. - By Michael P. Farkas