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The Capital Project

The Capital Project

The Capital Project is a documentary about the inner workings of an eclectic local music scene, that examines the relationship between music, the artist, and the community.

It was inspired by the music scene that has been taking place in the Fredericton, New Brunswick over the last few years. Although small in population, the city is rich in musical talent across a wide range of genres including rock, punk, hip-hop, metal, country, pop, jazz, classical, and everything in-between.

  • Capital Project | Episode 1 | The Scene
    2022|39 min

    Discover Fredericton’s music scene from those past and present who share anecdotes, experiences, and personal insights on what makes the regional scene unique. The Local Scene also explores the impact and influence College/Community radio has had on the scene. The episode concludes with how a positive and encouraging work environment can produce contributing musical acts.

  • Capital Project | Episode 2 | Venues
    2022|36 min

    The Capital Complex, Grimross Brewing, Corked Wine Bar, Lansdowne House Shows, and The Tipsy Muse share how their venues have carved out a niche venue experience. They all have managed to find their own audience by providing environments and an atmosphere conducive to the live music experience.

  • Capital Project | Episode 3 |Spotlights
    2022|40 min

    The Spotlight Episode showcases the wide range of musical genres and musicians from the Fredericton area. From electronic, avant-guard classical, blue grass, country, indie rock, blues tinged rock, and metal; make up this showcase an array of diverse local talent. The artists briefly explain their band’s history and influences.

  • Capital Project | Episode 4 | The Writing Process
    2022|35 min

    Singer Songwriters share their creative process on how they refine their craft. Electronic musicians provide insight on how they create music in makeshift home studios. And young hip hop artists share the art of the sample and the inspiration behind writing lyrical bars. One band discusses the importance of collaboration in the writing process.

  • Captial Project | Episode 5 | Music Education Part 1
    2022|35 min

    Teachers from around Fredericton explain the importance of music education from elementary through to high school. The Second Chances Band invites people of all ages to pick up where they left off to relearn their instruments, or in some cases, learn a new instrument altogether.

  • Capital Project | Episode 6 | Music Education Part 2
    2022|38 min

    The episode begins with students learning music as young children. The Girls Rock Camp showcases how female musicians inspire young teenagers to pick up an instrument for the first time and rock out. One high school band and a group made up of recent graduates demonstrate how musicality progresses through practice and determination.

  • Capital Project | Episode 7 | Family
    2022|41 min

    Generations of Fredericton musicians are showcased. Both parents and their children share how music impacted their family dynamic and musical influences. In some cases, band relationships evolve into family. From folk to hip hop, country to rock, and blues to punk, ‘family’ has had a beneficial effect on the entire scene.

  • Capital Project | Episode 8 | Indigenous Artists
    2022|42 min

    Fredericton is the home of some incredibly talented Indigenous musicians. From traditional singing and drumming, to hip hop, folk, metal, electronic music, and indie rock, these inspiring musicians provide an insightful perspective on how music moves them.

  • Capital Project | Episode 9 | Music as Therapy
    2022|40 min

    For many people, music can be used as a form of therapy. In this episode, musicians share how music helps them process their emotions and general mental wellness. The second half of the episode presents Project Alive, which is an organization set up by veterans from the Canadian Armed Forces who play music as a way to address PTSD.

  • Capital Project | Episode 10 | Harvest Jazz and Blues
    2022|38 min

    Regional music festivals have been a huge influence on the Fredericton music scene. The renown international Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival has been running for over 30 years and arguably has had the biggest impact on influencing local musicians for generations. The founders and current organizers share the ins and outs on how the festival became a major success for the City of Fredericton.