The Black Community in Canada: A Rich History

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To celebrate the history of the Black community in Canada, we've selected a group of NFB of films that can only scratch the surface of such a rich and multi-layered culture. Incredible stories in the Black community of strength, courage and perseverance in the face of adversity date back to the beginning of time, yet are not easily found in mainstream history books. Sadly, these are not lessons often taught at the elementary or secondary level in schools.

This selection spans both the country and the wealth of topics that beg to be explored, from a beautifully crafted overview of Black history in Black Soul to the story of teens building self-esteem and fighting racism in Speak it! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia.

From the story of Black employees of the Canadian railways fighting discrimination in The Road Taken to an inside peek at the lives of Black athletes in Golden Gloves, there's a story for everyone. From the ever-present controversy about interracial relationships in Crossroads to a quest to right past wrongs in Speakers for the Dead, history is brought to life. And finally, The Magic Lion tells the magical tale of a young African boy, a lion and a quest to save a life as well as the animated celebration of the life of Seraphim "Joe" Fortes, one of Vancouver’s most beloved citizens.

The films in this playlist are some of the most important NFB films made on the black community and paint a picture of a thriving culture in constant evolution.