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The Wonderful World of Colour

The Wonderful World of Colour

| 1 min

A clip in the Science Please! collection, The Wonderful World of Colour uses archival footage, animated illustrations and amusing narration to explain how the cones of the retina enable us to perceive the spectrum of colours.

  • director
    Claude Cloutier
  • producer
    Thérèse Descary


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Ages 10 to 11

Science - Physical Science

Teacher asks students to: - observe the decomposition of light through a prism or soap bubble; - stick a pencil to the centre of a disc divided into seven equal parts and decorated with the colours of the rainbow, in order, then spin the disc like a top; - observe some famous optical illusions that are dependent on colour perception and invent others; - analyze colour symbolism.

The Wonderful World of Colour
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