Wolf Pack

Filmed by Bill Mason in caribou country, this nature film closely observes wolves through late winter into early spring. Wolf Pack shows this creature’s character, behaviour and life cycle. What emerges is a portrait of the wolf as a disciplined hunter, respected leader and committed parent.

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Film Credits

Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Bill Mason
William Brind
James Carney
sound editing
John Knight
Michel Descombes
Larry Crosley

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  • Albert Ohayon

    “Hello Rick919. I am the NFB's English collection specialist. Firstly, you should know that Bill Mason died in 1988. Secondly, Mr. Mason made several films on the lives of wolves including Cry of the Wild and Death of a Legend which you can view on this site. Mr. Mason had an enclosure near his home in Chelsea Quebec where he kept wolves. He filmed the birth of the pups there. Throughout the shooting of his three films on wolves he filmed all over Canada including in the North West Territories. He explains how he shot several sequences at the beginning of Cry of the Wild, using remote control cameras and telephoto lenses. If you are interested in more information about the career of Bill Mason, please have a look at my playlist on his life and work here: http://www.nfb.ca/playlists/albert_ohayon/bill-mason-beyond-wild-beyond-paddle/” — Albert Ohayon, 20 Sep 2010

  • rick919

    “Nice job Mr. Mason - must have been both great and very hard following the packs. I'm very curious about how you got closeup footage of the den. ” — rick919, 20 Sep 2010

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