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The Wings of Johnny May

The Wings of Johnny May

| 1 h 23 min
The Wings of Johnny May
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This feature documentary shines a spotlight on Johnny May, the first Inuit bush pilot in Nunavik—and a legend among his people. During the 34,000 hours of flight time he’s logged, May has lived through extraordinary adventures and has had a unique view of the transformation of the Arctic from his perch in the sky. He has watched as the Inuit went from nomadic life to a sedentary existence, and as climate change has melted the permafrost. But one thing remains constant: May’s deep love for his wife Louisa. Since his earliest days in the air, his plane has sported the same Inuktitut message for her: "Pengo Pally", which means “I miss you.” The Wings of Johnny May is an airborne documentary that highlights a unique culture through the eyes of an exceptional man.

  • screenwriter
    Marc Fafard
  • director
    Marc Fafard
  • narrator
    James Hyndman
  • additional voiceover
    Marie Gignac
    Jack Robitaille
  • research
    Marc Fafard
    Marie-Eve Lalancette
  • photo research
    Étienne Hansez
  • archival film research
    Étienne Hansez
  • director of photography
    Paul-Anthony Mille
    Dominique Delapierre
  • camera assistant
    Julien Malichier
    Sébastien Alcazar
    Brigitte Pesquet
  • data wrangler
    Francis Hanneman
    Lawrence Lafetière
  • sound recordist
    Pierre Bouchard
    Simon Goulet
    Steven Ejbick
    Normand Lapierre
  • editor
    Alain Baril
  • featuring
    Johnny May
    Louisa Berthe-May
    Jean Désy
    Whit Fraser
    Mary Simon
    Sara May-Tagoona
    William Tagoona
  • translation
    Maaki Putulik
  • aerial key grip
    Claude Fortin
  • helicopter pilot
    Peter Duncan
  • 3D online post-production
  • 3D coordinator
    Audrey Bourdiol
  • stereoscopic editing
  • 3D harmonization
    Pierre Sudre
  • digital colourist
    Pierre Sudre
  • green screen keying
  • 3D rushes management
    Link's productions
  • trailer
    Jérémy Leroux
  • subtitling
    Camille Monin
    Pierre Sudre
  • 2D-3D conversion
    Alain Baril
    Nicola Lamoureux
    François Mercier
  • audio post-production
    Studio Expression
  • sound editor
    Simon De Grandpré
    Marc Carrier
  • sound designer
    Jérôme Boiteau
  • mixer
    Jérôme Boiteau
  • sound edit coordinator
    Josée Harpin
    Isabelle Dupéré
  • music composer
    Camille Delafon
  • orchestration
    Camille Delafon
  • conductor
    Camille Delafon
  • solo violin
    Sébastien Surel
  • solo cello
    Cyrille Lacrouts
  • piano
    Camille Delafon
  • guitar
    Jean Gillet
  • music recording studio
    Studio Ferber
  • music mixing
    Studio Bastille
  • sound engineer
    Alban Sautour
  • music contractor
    Christophe Briquet
  • music contractor assistant
    Cathialine Zorzi
  • score coordinator
    Xavier Forcioli
  • music preparation
    Norbert Vergonjanne
  • production manager
    Geneviève Leclerc
  • post-production manager
    Geneviève Leclerc
  • production assistant
    Étienne Hansez
  • post-production coordinator
    Stéphanie Lamontagne
  • funding coordinator
    Geneviève Leclerc
    Geneviève Dionne
  • editing technician
    Denis Lavoie
  • administrator
    Roxane-Caroline Doiron
    Alexandrine Torres de Figueiredo
    Sia Koukoulas
  • accountant
    Roxane-Caroline Doiron
  • administrative assistant
    Marie-Eve Lalancette
    Vanessa Emam
  • marketing manager
    François Jacques
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Geneviève Bérard
  • technical coordinator
    Daniel Claveau
  • storyboard artist
    Francis Desharnais
  • director of animation
    Nicola Lemay
  • art director
    Didier Loubat
  • designer
    Didier Loubat
  • modeling
    Zane Kozak
  • rigging
    Zane Kozak
  • stereoscopy
    Zane Kozak
  • technical director
    Zane Kozak
  • 3D animator
    Martin Ferland
    Jonathan Ng
  • textures
    Stephan Ballard
  • lighting
    Timothy Dormady
  • animation
    Dale Hayward
  • computer graphics
    Stephan Ballard
    Timothy Dormady
    Dale Hayward
  • special effects consultant
    Éric Gervais-Després
  • digital imaging specialist
    Pierre Plouffe
  • animation producer
    Marc Bertrand
  • legal advisor
    Stéphanie L'Écuyer
  • collection management
    Mary Graziano
  • distribution rights management
    Mary Graziano
  • production supervisor
    Jean Michel Quilici
  • production team
    Fiora Lumbroso
    Elsa Moley
    Grégory Germakian
    Sandrine Roux
    Anna Medziewski
    Jérémy Leroux
    Victor Lima
    Julie Hedna
    Joséphine Fontaine
    Pauline Boyer
    Sacha Subramaniam
  • post-production team
    Adeline Letort
    Audrey Pontoizeau
    Cyrille Solovieff
    Justine Quesnoit
  • legal affairs
    Bérengère Edeline
  • legal affairs - assistant
    Emilie Renard
    Colin Vettier
  • administrator accountant
    Sandrine Melki
  • administrator accountant - assistant
    Dominique Azar
    Maximilien Billeret
  • legal counsel
    Marie-José Harel
  • producer
    Yves Fortin
    Jacques Turgeon
    Monique Simard
    David Kodsi
    Jan Vasak



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