Untouched and Pure

Untouched and Pure


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This is a very unusual and original film, breaking new ground in filmmaking methods as well as in ways of viewing things. All the usual facts about Sweden have been given a hundred times over, and often in better forms than film can offer, but in this film the director has launched into a form of cinematic observation and commentary that offers an entirely new experience of things Swedish.

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Untouched and Pure, Mort Ransen, Christopher Cordeaux & Martin Duckworth, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Mort Ransen
    Christopher Cordeaux
    Martin Duckworth
  • producer
    Tom Daly
    John Kemeny
  • sound
    Tommy Bergh
  • re-recording
    Roger Lamoureux
    Michel Descombes

  • sixam

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