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Satellites of the Sun

Satellites of the Sun

| 12 min

Film animation and a knowledge of outer space bring to the screen this spectacular, awe-inspiring view of our solar system. Staggering distances are eliminated through the art of film: before our eyes is displayed the wonder of the universe. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Earth and all the other satellites and lesser matter in space are seen in amazing detail and perspective in their eternal orbits around the sun.

For more background info on this film, visit the blog.

  • director
    Sidney Goldsmith
  • animation
    Sidney Goldsmith
  • executive producer
    Wolf Koenig
  • animation camera
    Raymond Dumas
    Cameron Gaul
  • sound editing
    Ken Page
  • re-recording
    Michel Descombes
  • narrator
    George Finstad
  • music
    Eldon Rathburn


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Ages 12 to 16

Science - Space

For younger students: Build a scale model of the solar system. Label all planets and their moons. For older students, stage a debate arguing whether Pluto should or shouldn't be considered a planet.

Satellites of the Sun
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