Project Grizzly

In this feature-length documentary, Troy James Hurtubise goes face to face with Canada's most deadly land mammal, the grizzly bear. Troy is the creator of what he hopes is a grizzly-proof suit, and he repeatedly tests his armour – and courage – in stunts that are both hair-raising and hilarious. Directed by Peter Lynch, the film has become a cult classic in the United States and is rumoured to be a favourite of director Quentin Tarantino.


Peter Lynch
Michael Allder
executive producer
Louise Lore
Gerry Flahive
Tony Wannamaker
Robert Fletcher
Caroline Christie
sound editing
Alison Clark
Daniel Pellerin
Andy Koyama
Andrew Tay
Anne Bourne
Ken Myhr


  • AtticusBlackmore

    “Non-stop unintentional comedy. Hilarious. And ridiculous.” — AtticusBlackmore, 12 Aug 2012

  • AlexanderLee

    “This film explains a lot, particularly for anyone trying to understand Sarah Palin and most Republicans. It's no coincidence Ms. Palin calls herself "Momma Grizzly." If she was cut out of this movie somebody did the US a disservice.” — AlexanderLee, 13 Jan 2011

  • scheppy

    “What a bunch of posers.” — scheppy, 25 Apr 2010

  • Moira

    “Kevin Kelly includes this doc in his list of True Films. See the full list at ” — Moira, 8 Jan 2010

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