Places Not Our Own

Part of the Daughters of the Country series, this dramatic film set in 1929 depicts how Canada's West, home to generations of Métis, was taken over by the railroads and new settlers. As a result, the Métis became a forgotten people, forced to eke out a living as best they could. At the forefront is Rose, a woman determined to provide her children with a normal life and an education despite the odds. But due to their harsh circumstances, a devastating and traumatic event transpires instead.


Derek Mazur
Norma Bailey
executive producer
Ches Yetman
Sandra Birdsell
Ian Elkin
Leon Johnson
Lara Mazur
sound editing
Ken Rodeck
Clive Perry
Randolph Peters
William Ballantyne
Kate Berry
Diane Debassige
Michael Fletcher
Damon Fontaine
Eli Goldstein
Kirk Grayson
Steve Isfeld
Tantoo Cardinal
Dale Willier
Vera Martin


  • kelleys

    “This film is a good example of the usefulness of the systems perspective. It illustrates the tumble down affect of the depressed economic times onto the least powerful members of society. Seeing all the different systems, failing to help individuals it is clear as to how the indivduals are forced to make unethical choices and how good individuals are changed by the stress that runs down hill. Would have liked to see more indepth of the younger boys in this family. ” — kelleys, 8 Dec 2012

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