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| 15 min

Le 51e film de l’ONF à être nommé aux Oscars®

Ce court métrage d'animation du cinéaste acclamé Ishu Patel fait appel à des techniques variées. Poème visuel déployant une féerie de couleurs et de formes idéales, conte enchanté à saveur d'Orient, fable symbolique et moraliste. Nous sommes au Royaume de la Perfection. Un pauvre oiseau très ordinaire fait tache noire en ce clair paradis. Tenté de rivaliser avec l'Oiseau magique, il conçoit l'ambitieux projet de se faire « plus beau que nature ». Film sans paroles.

  • director
    Ishu Patel
  • producer
    Ishu Patel
  • delegate producer
    Douglas MacDonald
  • camera
    Pierre Landry
  • animation
    Ishu Patel
    George Ungar
  • music
    Gheorghe Zamfir


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Ages 5 to 18

Arts Education - Art
Arts Education - Visual Arts
English Language Arts - Children's Stories/Fables
Health/Personal Development - Identity

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

An animated film about the adventures of a bird seeking recognition from others. No dialogue; music and sound effects with animation.

How does the contrast between the backdrop of the palace and the characters/birds create visual interest?

The bird wants to look more colourful, and in the process of trying to obtain the materials for the costume, he disrupts many around him. Have you ever had an experience where you had to take from someone? How did it make you feel? How did others react to your actions?

The bird wants to be acknowledged as beautiful, and when he is, he is captured. Do you think this is what he had in mind? Why or why not?

What makes the bird appreciate his own beauty by the end of the film? What lesson can we learn from the bird’s experience?

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