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Operation Lever

Operation Lever

| 1 min

A clip in the Science Please! collection, Operation Lever uses archival footage, animated illustrations and amusing narration to explain how a lever increases force.

  • director
    Sylvain Charbonneau
  • animation
    Sylvain Proteau
  • producer
    Jean-Jacques Leduc
  • associate producer
    Marc Bertrand


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Ages 6 to 11

Technology Education - Science and Technology
Technology Education - Society and Technology

Teacher asks students to: - describe, before watching the film, how they would go about lifting a large rock without too much effort, and investigate how Egyptian, Central American, etc. civilizations were able to build pyramids; - sort various everyday objects according to whether they can operate as levers; - invent rides for an “Archimedes Theme Park,” based on the principles of simple machines (pulley, lever, screw, etc.).

Operation Lever
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