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Okanagan Dreams

Okanagan Dreams

| 46 min

This documentary follows the migration of thousands of young Quebecers as they travel to British Columbia to harvest fruit in the lush Okanagan Valley. The camera follows several spirited youth into the orchards for seven weeks. As the rain sets in, reality unfolds: it's cold, the cherry crop is late, and money is short. But as they make friends and enjoy their independence, the promise of adventure is realized. Although their work is integral to the local economy, the youth find that the experience is not just about making money. It's about awareness, self-discovery and exploring the world.

  • director
    Annie O'Donoghue
  • producer
    Selwyn Jacob
  • editor
    Shirley Claydon
  • cinematographer
    Randy Rotheisler
  • composer
    Gordon Durity
  • location sound
    Lisa Kolisnyk
  • documentary script
    Annie O'Donoghue
  • narration - writer
    Andrew Gardner
  • narrator
    Josée Martel
  • assistant director
    Michelle E. Smith
  • researcher
    Michelle E. Smith
    Randy Rotheisler
  • additional cinematography
    Doug Sjoquist
    Michael Wees
  • assistant editor
    Claudia Morgado
    Krista Peach
    Brian Reilly
    R. Neil Thompson
  • additional location sound
    Jeff Carter
    Eric Davies
    Alain Tremblay
  • original concept
    Randy Rotheisler
  • additional research
    Robert Tougas
  • consultant
    Marie-France Ménard
  • archival photos
    Mario Lanthier
  • production assistant
    Simon Rotheisler
  • translation
    Dyane Provost
  • participant
    Pearl Becker
    Carmen Calado
    Gino Duchesne
    Michel Galipeau
    Maryse Godin
    Ian Hamilton
    Linda Larson
    Chris Norton
    Kendall Pew
    Caroline Roberge
    Tara Schmalz
    Steeve Thomas
    José Rodrigo Buenono
    Shirley Desloges
    Suzanne Gagnon
    Karin Gallichand
    Jocelyn Hallett
    John Hood
    Janie Hood
    Graem Nelson
    Jesse Norton
    Jérôme Pono
    Heather Smith
    Serge Tétrault
    Mal Turner
  • sound editor
    Jamie Mahaffey
  • sound mix
    Sharpe Sound Studios Inc.
  • post-production services
    Rainmaker Digital Pictures
  • production supervisor
    Kathryn Lynch
  • program administrator
    Bruce Hagerman
  • executive producer
    Graydon McCrea


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Ages 16 to 17

Diversity - Diversity in Communities
Social Studies - Labour Studies

In an essay, have students explain how the young workers of Quebec grew personally through the experience of fruit harvesting. What are some of the hardships they faced and how would global warming affect their journey if it took place currently? Explain the counterculture movement in the 1960s where youth rebelled and returned to nature.

Okanagan Dreams
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