Marianne's Theatre

In Co Hoedeman's animated short about a troupe of marionette acrobats, everything that can go wrong does. No matter what the ringleader does, each act goes awry until we begin to wonder who's really running the show. Even when Marianne, the master puppeteer, emerges at the end of the show to take her final bow, those little acrobats still seem to have a mind of their own. Brilliantly executed, this film dissolves the boundaries between theatre and animated film to create a magical experience.

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Film Credits

Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Co Hoedeman
Hélène Ducharme
director of photography
Michel La Veaux
Sophie Lebeau
picture editing
José Heppell
original music
Robert M. Lepage
sound design
Olivier Calvert
Lise Wedlock
sound recording
Jo Caron
Serge Boivin
Geoffrey Mitchell
digital imaging specialist
Pierre Plouffe
executive producer
Marcel Jean
Michèle Bélanger

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  • “it is a show where she makes mistakes and then she does better and learns what the mistakes were” — sabrina123abc, 12 Dec 2010

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