The Man Who Stole Dreams

The Man Who Stole Dreams

| 11 min

This enchanting and magical animation film, an ode to our dreams during the night, celebrates the creative imagination, uniqueness, and the human spirit. The plot involves a man who steals the dreams of innocent villagers, then eventually tries to sell them back to the townsfolk. Sarah, a young child, is instrumental in alerting the villagers to what has happened and enabling them to find and reclaim their dreams. Suitable for Grade 3 to adult; film, dream, and creativity courses; psychology; and mental health-care programs. Based on Barbara Taylor's book, The Man Who Stole Dreams.

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  • director
    Joyce Borenstein
  • camera
    Joyce Borenstein
  • animation
    Joyce Borenstein
  • producer
    Margaret Pettigrew
  • executive producer
    Kathleen Shannon
  • sound
    Norah Fraser
    Christian Fortin
  • sound editing
    Jackie Newell
  • music editing
    Julian Olson
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Adrian Croll
  • voice
    Joan Heney
    Vlasta Vrana
    Joyce Borenstein
    Andrew Bednarsky
    Shirley Merovitz
  • music
    Wende Bartley

  • erinmac

    A great film to watch before bed.

    erinmac, 19 Feb 2017