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Making Movie History: Jacques Leduc

Making Movie History: Jacques Leduc

| 5 min

Schooled in the creative freedom of Direct Cinema, Jacques Leduc would excel in documentary-inflected drama like On est loin du soleil (1970), composed entirely of long shots, as well as sensitive vérité-style projects like Chroniques de la vie quotidienne (1977–1978), an imaginative series of seven films corresponding to the days of the week. Audacious and endlessly inventive, Leduc explored the terrain between fiction and documentary in films such as Albédo (1982) and Le dernier glacier (1984). His critically acclaimed feature Trois pommes à côté du sommeil (1988) paved the way for further work in fiction film. A gifted cinematographer, he has collaborated with directors like Tahani Rached, Jean Chabot, Paule Baillargeon and Yves Dion. In 1993, he co-founded Casa Obscura, a Montreal-based, artist-run space where he hosts regular film-related events.

This interview is part of Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts.

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    Denys Desjardins
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    Denys Desjardins
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    Denys Desjardins
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    Denys Desjardins
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    Jacques Leduc
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    Luc Papineau
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    Luc Papineau
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    Babalou Hamelin
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    Denis Gathelier
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    Mélanie Bouchard
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    Geneviève Bérard
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    Catherine Benoît
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