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This sharp and funny mockumentary uses role reversal to illustrate the realities of overt and systemic racism in the workplace.

This film is part of the Work For All series, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, with the participation of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

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Jaded, Cal Garingan, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Cal Garingan
  • producer
    Alexandra Yanofsky
  • line producer
    Aisling Chin-Yee
    Marie-France Côté

  • JeanGrey

    It's a semi-comedic, completely over-the-top skit. But, it does reflect on our progression as humans. Equality needs to start with everyone. As my friend "Beast" would say: "If you prick us, will we not bleed?". In other words; melanin, gender, sexuality, mental ability and physical ability does not measure to the strength and value of our hearts.

    JeanGrey, 30 Apr 2014
  • jstewa02

    Wow, I dont think things are done to this extreme but it does happen in in the work place When Jade felt she was noticed, I can relate to that even today. I work in large company and my VP walks pass me and speaks to the young lady right next to me. And the worst is when I am sitting there and my managers and coworkers will say "she has it or she does it, as if they don't know my name, Not saying this type of behavior is ok but I have tough skin so I usually don't show any emotions or reaction behind the rude things that go on in my office. I am strong believer that if you pay attention to this craziness, you allow it to grow.

    jstewa02, 14 Jun 2012
  • mantis

    Really? Was the intention to be as ironic and pushing the "PC" envelope a la TV show "The Office"? If this production can get funding from you guys, I just don't know why I am not writing for $.

    mantis, 8 Feb 2012
  • Mufasa

    I am a Caucasian who works at an HBCU. Unfortunately, reverse racism DOES happen in the workplace.

    Mufasa, 20 Sep 2011
  • AFJ

    I think some people are missing the point of the film. Yes..this film is rather over the top with some of the stereotyping, remarks and situations. The rapid fire occurrences are ridiculous. But, these things do occur to a lesser degree and sometimes unfortunately to a higher degree in the workplace. As to those who have not witnessed such behavior on the job, you are very fortunate. You really have to understand that these things happen to minorities on a whole. Not only because of the color of the characters skin, but it can be of their gender, their age, their country of origin or educational background. I have personally been treated in similar ways given in the examples of this film. Many of them are equally amusing. I say amusing because if you don't laugh at some of these circumstances..you damn near have to cry in disbelief. I have been told upon meeting a manager for a job interview that the he has a cousin that "married a black guy". I assume this was said to make me feel more comfortable with his acceptance of me. Recently, I applied for a position that clearly stated in the job description the payscale. The phone interview went great and the manager stated he liked my attitude. I was asked to come down and meet the staff. The manager hiring me could not attend, so I met with other staff members and enjoyed the meeting. The next day I called to speak with the manager and said that I could stop by and meet him personally because we missed the opportunity the day before. He said it was not necessary, and I misunderstood the job description. He said that I would not reach the payscale advertised for 5 years. He also stated he would call me if they needed me. The ad was changed that evening to negotiable payscale status. I still have a copy of the original ad with the original payscale. This is in my opinion, Systemic Racism. He was very happy with me and justified this by asking me to meet the staff. Once I was there in physical presence, things changed for him. I am clean cut, well dressed and well mannered. I got along great with the staff and felt they would be glad to have me on board. I felt very welcomed. But something changed his mind..and even the tone in which he addressed me. He never met me, but something he must have heard changed his mind to the point where he was somewhat disgusted to even have a conversation with me on the phone. This is very difficult subject, that does need discussion and films like this promotes such ideas. If you find this film offensive, GREAT! It is offensive to be treated like character in this film. It is equally offensive to be perceived as part of the a group that treats people this way. This is how we become more aware of things that are going on..sometimes just under the surface within the workplace. The more aware we are...the more opportunities we will have to one day abolish these beliefs and practices.

    AFJ, 23 Jul 2011
  • memories

    junx2 im happy for your excellent accomplishments

    memories, 22 Apr 2011
  • Brandon

    I thought this showed too much of an extreme of racism. I do not have a lot of experience in the work place but I do not think there is much racism anymore.

    Brandon, 14 Feb 2011
  • Stephen--Roy

    I don't really understand the point of this video, I'm guessing they wanted to reverse the roles of predominantly white racism in the workplace. However, this didn't have any profound effect on my opinion, but it possibly be due to the fact that I do not have a lot of experience in the corporate world. Is this video supposed to help white people "understand how it feels?", if so then I find it a bit offensive. I don't understand what this video is supposed to accomplish.

    Stephen--Roy, 14 Feb 2011
  • JasonST

    I found that this video was a bit exagerrated. I don't have any experience in this type of work place but i doubt people go to these extremes. Although it was an odd video i think that people will be able to see a little better how "people of color" are treated.

    JasonST, 14 Feb 2011
  • Jessika

    There is still is a lot of racism in the workplace, a type of racism that most white people never notice or chose to not notice. But i believe its not their fault, because people of other races have adapted and acepted to be treated a certain way. Overall the idea of the video was quite good.

    Jessika, 14 Feb 2011
  • Gabe

    I don't really see this as a real issue. From my experience, at least, I have not seen racism in the work area. However, it was a decent video, and, I must admit, I laughed at a few areas, but overall I don't see much of a point to it.

    Gabe, 14 Feb 2011
  • lgadke

    I don't understand this film. How does it illustrate racism? Doesn't the idea of "reversing the roles" and "reverse racism" reify the notion of a white hegemony.

    lgadke, 17 Jun 2010

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