I am Skylar (Trailer)

I am Skylar (Trailer)

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I Am Skylar is the emotionally compelling story of an articulate 14-year-old girl who is thoughtfully defining her future and the woman she is to become. Surrounded by a family and a community who show her unconditional love as she follows her personal path, Skylar faces the complexities of being a transgender girl on the cusp of puberty with refreshing honesty and unshakeable dignity.

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  • featuring
    Skylar Côté
    Josh Côté
    Jill Côté
    Marcel Côté
  • writer
    Rachel Bower
  • director
    Rachel Bower
  • director of photography
    Becky Parsons
  • editing
    Lawrence Jackman
  • sound design
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • music
    Duane Andrews
  • producer
    Rohan Fernando
  • sound recordist
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • additional sound
    Andrew Rillie
  • sound recording trainee
    Yalitsa Riden
  • drone operator
    Mark Voutier
  • production assistant
    Erica Meus Saunders
  • researcher
    Rachel Bower
  • consultant
    Ricardo Acosta
  • transcriptionist
    Lisa Clarke
  • vocalist
    Terri Lynn Eddy
  • production supervisor
    Roz Power
  • technical coordinator
    Daniel Lord
    Christopher MacIntosh
  • assistant editor
    Meagan Brown
    Tamara Segura
  • on-line colourist
    Doug Woods
  • assistant on-line editor
    Robert Carrigan
  • title design
    Doug Woods
  • re-recording
    Isabelle Lussier
  • digital editing technician
    Pierre Dupont
    Isabelle Painchaud
    Patrick Trahan
  • sound technician
    Bernard Belley
  • senior production coordinator
    Cheryl Murgatroyd
  • studio administrator
    Camila Blos
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • publicist
    Patricia Dillon-Moore
  • marketing manager
    Johanna Lessard
  • marketing coordinator
    Jolène Lessard
  • legal counsel
    Peter Kallianiotis
  • executive producer
    Annette Clarke
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom

  • None

    What an amazing film .... I am so glad that this was made and should be an inspiration to families everywhere

    None, 8 May 2022
  • Norah

    define transgender

    Norah, 11 Mar 2022
  • Mark

    A beautiful and inspiring documentary. I wish Skylar and her family all the best, lots of love, and peace.

    Mark, 19 Jul 2020
  • None

    An amazing family - a beautiful documentary.

    None, 5 Jun 2020
  • None

    Beautiful story I learned a lot

    None, 2 Jun 2020