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Make Potato Chips?

Make Potato Chips?

| 4 min
How Do They...?
How Do They...?
1997 8 films

Everybody loves a good "how-to" film. Here we've assembled a selection of short films demonstrating how to do everything from getting the centres in chocolates to recycling paper.


How Do They Make Potato Chips? is one of a series of short and snappy videos that reveal the mysteries behind everyday things. Almost every child likes to eat potato chips and will love to learn how they're made. (Bet you can't watch this video just once!)

  • director
    Don White
  • cinematographer
    Ken Kuramoto
  • editor
    George Johnson
  • sound recording
    Rick Bal
  • assistant camera
    James Tocher
    Mark Pitkethly
  • lighting
    Andre Fernandes
    Ian Barrett
  • sound design
    Gael MacLean
  • re-recording engineer
    Michael Colomby
  • audio post-production
    Airwaves Sound Design
  • on-line services
    Rainmaker Digital Pictures
  • series conceived by
    Don White
  • production supervisor
    Kathryn Lynch
  • program administrator
    Bruce Hagerman
  • producer
    George Johnson
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen


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Ages 7 to 13

Study Guide - Guide 1

Family Studies/Home Economics - Food and Nutrition
Health/Personal Development - Healthy Eating, Nutrition

Have students eat some potato chips before you screen the film. Lower-grade students can get a recipe card and write a recipe for how they think potato chips are made. Lower grades can draw the process of how potato chips are made in sequence. Have the class make some of their own chips. You can find recipes online. Ask upper grades if they know how to incorporate flavours, such as salt and vinegar and barbeque sauce. Upper grades can add narration to the video as well. Have students discuss the nutritional value of potato chips.

Make Potato Chips?
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