This film depicts 24 hours in the life of an imagined city – a composite that draws on all Canadian cities. This imaginary day unfolds through the course of four seasons and reveals the nature of places and the people that make them so vibrant.

The images in the film slowly come together with deft, impressionistic touches. Adopting the rhythm of someone strolling through the city, they intermingle and reply to each other – evoking a different story for each viewer.

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Glimpses, Jean-François Pouliot, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • direction
    Jean-François Pouliot
  • script
    Jean-François Pouliot
  • visual conception
    Normand Sarrazin
  • photography
    Serge Clément
    Claude-Simon Langlois
  • music - composition
    Mario Leblanc
  • musical adaptation
    Normand Roger
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Denis Chartrand
  • sound design
    Normand Roger
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Denis Chartrand
  • computer graphic design
    Paul Boisvert
  • editing
    Vicky Daneau
  • line producer
    Jean-Marie Comeau
  • producer
    René Chénier

  • Alejo Capano

    Presented by Cinerama

    Alejo Capano, 27 Apr 2020
  • Sunny

    " Originally used as music to inspire the creative team, Mario Leblanc's "Androgyne" was ultimately chosen for the soundtrack to the film Glimpses. Normand Roger and his collaborators (Pierre Yves Drapeau and Yves Chartrand), who designed the film's sound, then adapted Leblanc's piece." Actually there're two musicians named "Mario Leblanc", and "Fayo" is not the original composer of "Androgyne". Normand Roger has renewed the original "Androgyne" for this movie, but I'm afraid the new "Androgyne" is not yet open for sharing. Anyone has any access to the music?

    Sunny, 14 Jan 2011
  • jmatlin

    @Rachel86 It *might* be available for purchase at some point, but for now it's playing at the expo in Shanghai. We don't have download rights for any of our films at the moment.

    jmatlin, 30 Jun 2010
  • rica

    I watched this in Shanghai Expo inside Canada Pavilion. I sat there and repeatedly watched it for about 10times. Love the music the most... So glad I found it here...

    rica, 14 Jun 2010
  • Pipi

    wonderful music!

    Pipi, 14 Jun 2010
  • Rachel86

    I like it, how can I download or buy this wonderful film and music?

    Rachel86, 7 Jun 2010
  • cweldon

    Hi Betty! We looked around and all we could establish is that the background music is an original composition by Mario Leblanc, an Acadian singer-songwriter also known as Fayo.

    cweldon, 18 May 2010
  • betty133

    I want to know what the name of the background music is

    betty133, 16 May 2010
  • betty133

    I want to know what the name of the background music is

    betty133, 16 May 2010

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