The Enemy Within

This feature-length documentary looks at German POWs from the WWII who were housed in 25 camps across Canada. Filmmaker Eva Colmers follows her father's story - Theo Melzer - who spent three and a half years in a POW camp in Lethbridge, Alberta. Growing up in Germany, she had always been puzzled by her father's fond memories of his POW life, so when she moved to Canada, she set out to rediscover this story. What she found surprised her. Watch as Theo Melzer, along with other POWs, recount how their lives were changed by the unexpected respect and dignity they received at the hands of their Canadian captors.


Eva Colmers
Eva Colmers
Eva Colmers
Justin Pasula
director of photography
Randy Tomiuk
sound recordist
Larry MacDonald
original music
Jan Randall
music recordist
Garth Hobden
sound mix
John Blerot
John Blerot
Brad Payne
Bradford Walker
Lance Casson
Craig Hamilton
Michael Richey
Kurtis Markuson
Mark Wynder
Bradley Moser
Julius Urban
Kevin Durksen
Timothy Murphy
Mario Lechowski
Sebastian Fiedler
Bonnie Thompson
Jerry Krepakevich
executive producer
Graydon McCrea


  • Barnhill

    “This is an excellent doc. It simply highlights the fact that kindness can gain the long-term cooperation and respect of an individual while brute force only garners hatred. ” — Barnhill, 26 Jan 2012

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