City Out of Time

This Colin Low documentary from 1959 depicts Venice in all its splendor. In the tradition of Venetian painter Canaletto, the film captures the great Italian city’s elusive beauty and fabled landscapes, where spired churches and turreted palaces soar into a blue Mediterranean sky. Narration by William Shatner.

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Film Credits

Colin Low
Tom Daly
James Beveridge
Georges Dufaux
John Spotton
sound editing
Don Wellington
George Croll
William Shatner
Robert Fleming

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  • kruscito

    “@hariferrusrex: The film now plays without the narrative description! Enjoy!” — kruscito, 12 May 2011

  • hariferrusrex

    “I really love the Shatner narration and the "What is art" theme. Great to see something like this. But the other narration, the "descriptive" one, really bothered me and detracted from the overall viewing experience. (And it was read so fast, too!). I wonder if NFB has a version of this beautiful film without the narrative description ....” — hariferrusrex, 12 May 2011

  • scottcaple

    “Is the woman's narration a later addition? There seems to be a difference on the audio quality. The film works much better without it.” — scottcaple, 11 May 2011

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