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This short animated film presents an allegorical portrait of a society where men have lost their autonomy in the struggle to be recognized by the very society that restricts their freedom. In the film, chairs are a symbol of success; without one, every man becomes a social outcast. Highly critical of power, privilege, and the weight of social norms, the film questions our present and our future. This technically and formally innovative film is accompanied by a sombre, hypnotic soundtrack and contains no dialogue.

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Chairmen, Jean-Thomas Bédard, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Jean-Thomas Bédard
  • screenplay
    Jean-Thomas Bédard
  • producer
    Gaston Sarault
  • executive producer
    Pierre Moretti
  • animation camera
    Jacques Avoine
  • sound
    Roger Lamoureux
    Yves Daoust
    Ken Page
  • editing
    Jacques Drouin
  • sound editing
    Jacques Jarry
  • animation
    Jean-Thomas Bédard
    Diane Payette
    Michel Hébert
    Suzanne Raymond
    Suzanne Gervais

  • kensumner78

    A very fascinating allegory. I remember seeing this for the first time in 1979-80. It was a "Short Feature" shown between movies on HBO. Albert Camus, I believe, would have liked this. Maybe there is a bit of his influence in this.

    kensumner78, 29 Nov 2016