Bush Pilot - Into the Wild Blue Yonder

This documentary paints a vivid portrait of the bush pilots who soar daily above the boreal forests and tundra of Quebec's Great North. Who hasn't dreamed of flying? Head in the clouds, light-hearted giddiness, a surge of adrenaline, exhilarating freedom. Bush pilots of northern Quebec, the last of a dying breed, experience these sensations every day aboard their hydroplanes. Lakes, rivers, forests: this majestic North of open spaces and infinite silence is all theirs.

Film Credits

Jean-Marie Arseneault
Glen Arseneault
Normand Charette
Pierre Cabana
Frédéric Jalbert
Jean Tremblay
Marcel Cantin
Georges Venne
Thomas Fecteau
Gaston Maillé
Bertrand Cloutier
Bruno Boulianne
Bruno Boulianne
Bruno Boulianne
Louise Surprenant
François Vincelette
Jean-Pierre St-Louis
Hubert Macé de Gastines
Gilles Corbeil
sound editing
Martin Allard
original music
Martin L'Heureux
sound recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Jean Paul Vialard
consultant to the director
Philippe Lavalette
sound effects
Jean René Francoeur
animation camera
Pierre Landry
André Gladu

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  • parker78

    “Bonjour, Magnifique documentaire, connaissez-vous le principe du balisage avec les sacs de neige sur le lac gelé(22mn) Merci Guy” — parker78, 6 Sep 2014

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