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| 53 min
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Bluefin is a tale of epic stakes set in “the tuna capital of the world”, North Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The film explores the baffling mystery of why the normally wary bluefin tuna no longer fear humans. Local fishermen swear tuna are so starving and abundant now that they will literally eat out of people’s hands like pets. But something is not right. One thing is certain: this sudden and incredible abundance of tuna off their shores flies in the face of scientific  assessments claiming endangered stocks are down by 90 percent.

With stunning cinematography, director John Hopkins documents this mystery and brings the issues into sharp focus. At the heart of this documentary lies a passionate concern by all about the fate of the giant bluefin tuna.

  • writer
    John Hopkins
  • director
    John Hopkins
  • editor
    Denis Takacs
  • story editor
    Peter Starr
  • director of photography
    John Hopkins
  • sound design
    Alex Salter
  • original music
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • slow-motion cinematography
    Christopher Ball
    John Hopkins
  • underwater cinematography
    Christopher Ball
    Chris Harvey-Clark
    Robert Guertin
  • additional camera
    Christopher Ball
    Richard Furlong
    Dany Lavoie
    Nigel Markham
    Alastair Meux
    Adam Perry
  • sound recordist
    Georges Hannan
    Aram Kouyoumdjian
    Luke Leunes
    Alex Salter
  • 1st assistant camera
    Susan Rodgers
    William Harrington
  • additional editing
    John Hopkins
    Peter Giffen
  • underwater stills
    Brian Skerry
  • production manager
    April Ennis
  • production assistant
    Connie Littlefield
  • fixer
    Tetsuro Shimmatsu
  • researcher
    Elizabeth Klinck
  • PEI fisheries consultant
    Patrick O'Neill
  • production supervisor
    Roz Power
  • technical coordinator
    Chris MacIntosh
  • transcription
    Lisa Clarke
    Michelle McStay
  • music editing
    Nicolas Borycki
  • music arrangement
    Nicolas Borycki
  • musician
    Olivier Thouin
    Marianne Dugal
    Robert Marcel Lepage
    Sofia Gentile
    Sylvain Murray
    Yannick Chênevert
  • music recordist
    Luc Léger
  • music mixer
    Luc Léger
  • music recording assistant
    Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
  • re-recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • picture finishing
    902 Post Inc.
  • online editor
    Doug Woods
  • colourist
    Doug Woods
  • assistant on-line editor
    Robert Carrigan
  • production coordinator
    Stephanie Coolen
    Sarah Gignac
    Vanessa Larsen
  • senior production coordinator
    Kelly Davis
  • program administrator
    John William Lutz
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • marketing manager
    Melissa Wheeler
  • publicist
    Pat Dillon
  • business affairs
    Dominique Aubry
    Stéphanie L'Écuyer
  • producer
    Annette Clarke
    Paul McNeill
  • executive producer
    Annette Clarke
    Ravida Din


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