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The Battle of the Châteauguay

The Battle of the Châteauguay

| 29 min
The Battle of the Châteauguay
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The Battle of Châteauguay, fought in 1813 to push back American troops invading Canada, is recounted in this dramatic short film by the hero of the battle, Lt-Col. Charles-Michel de Salaberry.

Recreated battle scenes illustrate de Salaberry's military strategy, while animation is used to relate the events leading up to this important battle (the French and American revolutions, the reign of Napoleon, the naval battles between the English and the Americans, and Yankee expansionist policies).

A lively history film, it provides an unusual look at the War of 1812.

  • director
    Marcel Carrière
  • producer
    Roger Frappier
  • script
    Jean-Pierre Morin
  • camera
    Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
    Pierre Letarte
    Bernard Gosselin
  • animation camera
    Raymond Dumas
  • sound
    Richard Besse
    Claude Lefebvre
  • editing
    Werner Nold
    Louise Surprenant
  • sound effects
    Les Mimes électriques
    Patrice Arbour
    Bernard Carez
    Claude Lefebvre
  • sound mixer
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • animation
    Yvon Mallette
  • music
    Denis Larochelle
  • music recording
    Roger Lamoureux
  • cast
    Camille Ducharme
    Pierre Dufresne
    Ulric Guttinguer
    Robert Harding
    Nicole Leblanc
    Évelyn Régimbald



Ages 15 to 16

History - Canada under British Rule (1764-1867)

This excellent short allows teachers to contextualize the Battle of the Châteauguay, but also address certain topics related to this important event in our history, such as U.S. expansionist desires, the influence of the clergy or the story of Laura Secord. The film also provides a good opportunity to suggest that students do in-depth research on the key figure of this battle: Charles-Michel de Salaberry.

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