Here at Home: The Wound Inside

Here at Home: The Wound Inside

| 3 min

Lukas makes his rounds as a caseworker, delivering meds, gifts and good cheer to participants while exposing the dark history behind the addiction issues that plague Winnipeg's Aboriginal homeless population.

This short film is a chapter from Here At Home, a web documentary about mental health and homelessness that takes us inside the Mental Health Commission of Canada's At Home pilot project.

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Here at Home: The Wound Inside, Darryl Nepinak, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Darryl Nepinak
  • producer
    Brendon Sawatzky
    Alicia Smith
  • director of photography
    Reil Munro
  • editor
    Erika MacPherson
  • site coordinator
    Marcia Thomson
  • project consultant
    Carla Kematch
  • production coordinator
    Faye Yoneda
  • production assistant
    Anna-Celestrya Carr
  • technical coordinator
    Mark Power
  • administrator
    Darin Clausen
  • executive producer
    David Christensen
  • participant
    Lukas Maitland
    Jeff McPherson
    Contessa Henderson
    Elaine Piche
    Jane Kamaby
    Gerry Shingoose
    Monika Andrews
    Gloria Thomas
    Chris Geoghagan