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Ashes of Doom

Ashes of Doom

| 1 min

This short film was produced for The Department of National Health and Welfare to warn against the dangers of cigarette smoking. Set against the backdrop of a typical '60s-era horror movie, a young woman is seen lighting up cigarette after cigarette. When a vampire appears at the stroke of midnight, she faints from sheer terror. But when the vampire closes in for the kill, he is hit with a nasty surprise...

  • cast
    Nadia Salnick
    Grant Munro
  • screenplay
    Don Arioli
  • director of photography
    Jacques Fogel
  • assistant cameraman
    Barry Perles
    Andreas Poulsson
  • sound editor
    Malca Gillson
    Victor Merrill
  • sound mixer
    Roger Lamoureux
    Ron Alexander
    George Croll
  • set designer
    Earl Preston
  • set design - assistance
    Robert Quenneville
    Jean Parisien
    Roméo Beauchamp
    Albert Tremblay
    Gilbert St-Jacques
    Eugène Monette
  • special effects
    Maurice de Ernsted
    Guy Rémillard
  • grip
    Bill Bradley
  • gaffer
    Jacques Parent
  • properties
    Denis Boucher
  • editing
    Grant Munro
  • stills
    Ben Low
  • negative cutter
    Dagmar Gueissaz
  • continuity
    Lillie Lucas
  • business manager
    Judith Mancini
  • budget officer
    Louise Wrigley
  • unit secretary
    Lise Turcot
  • liaison officer
    Reg Dougherty
  • liaison secretary
    Ursula Chapman
  • chief technical advisor
    Ted Watt
    Don Lewis
    H.N. Colburn
  • graphics
    Serge Bouthillier
  • title sequence
    Wally Howard
    Paul Leach
  • title music
    Eldon Rathburn
    Karl Duplessis
  • lab controller
    Nan Strachan
    Lois Dooh
  • costume designer
    Madge Sawyer
  • producer
    Robert Verrall
    Wolf Koenig
  • director
    Grant Munro
    Don Arioli


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Ages 9 to 15

Study Guide - Guide 1

Health/Personal Development - Substance Use and Abuse/Addiction
Media Education - Advertising
Media Education - Popular Culture

Why does the vampire die? Discuss health issues related to smoking. Have students come up with lists of other reckless behaviours that should be avoided (alcohol/drug abuse, unprotected/premarital sex, peer pressure, gangs, violence, etc). Brainstorm ideas on commercials to get people to stop. Students can create print ads or make short films in groups using their ideas, then present to other classes or at a school assembly.

Ashes of Doom
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