Ashes of Doom

Ashes of Doom

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This short film was produced for The Department of National Health and Welfare to warn against the dangers of cigarette smoking. Set against the backdrop of a typical '60s-era horror movie, a young woman is seen lighting up cigarette after cigarette. When a vampire appears at the stroke of midnight, she faints from sheer terror. But when the vampire closes in for the kill, he is hit with a nasty surprise...

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  • director
    Grant Munro
    Don Arioli
  • producer
    Robert Verrall
    Wolf Koenig
  • screenplay
    Don Arioli
  • photography
    Jacques Fogel
  • editing
    Grant Munro
  • sound editing
    Malca Gillson
    Victor Merrill
  • sound mixing
    Roger Lamoureux
    Ron Alexander
    George Croll
  • music
    Eldon Rathburn
    Karl Duplessis
  • cast
    Grant Munro
    Nadia Salnick

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